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KREUL Gold leaf priming milk, 50 ml

Content: 50 ml, Finish: transparent, Drying time: 12 hours

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Kreul Kreative


This Gold leaf priming milk is a special water-based adhesive for applying leaf metals or Leaf metalflakes to a wide variety of decorative objects for indoor use. Suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

Apply Gold leaf priming milk thinly with a brush to the grease-free and clean surface. After approx. 20 minutes the surface is ready to absorb for 1 to 24 hours, depending on the surface. Place the Leaf metal-flakes or the Leaf metal with the help of a brush or cloth gently on the surface and press it prickly

After flashing off, the remains can be easily removed with a cloth or brush

Tips to use:

Applicable to:: Concrete, glass, wood, stretched canvas, ceramics, plastic, leather, cardboard / carton, polystyrene, terracotta / clay
Apply with:: Brush
Preparations:: The surface to be painted must be clean and free of dust and grease
Processing of material:: Apply the liquid gold leaf priming milk evenly with a brush. allow transparent to dry. For highly absorbent substrates, apply twice. Apply leaf metal and press down gently with a soft dry brush. Carefully remove any residue with a brush or cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly and then polish with a soft polishing cloth or cotton wool as desired.
Time to dry:: 20 min. to dry transparent. At least 12 hours to dry through. For final drying it needs several days.
Work to finish:: To protect against corrosion, overcoat with KREUL Topcoat for leaf metal
This is to be noted:: For outdoor use, as well as on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, terracotta and clay, use KREUL Zapon Lacquer.

Content: 50 ml
Finish: transparent
Field of application: Inside
Drying time: 12 hours

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