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VBS Knutselen en hobby


High-quality filling wadding and other filling material, suitable for allergy sufferers or made of natural materials such as cherry stones, for example, enable you to produce your own travel pillows, neck pillows, nursing pillows and many other sewing projects.

Fill wadding, white, 1,000 g
10,49 €
(1 kg = 10,49 €)
VBS Fill wadding, white, 300 g
3,49 €
(1 kg = 11,63 €)
Lavender blossoms
2,99 €
(1 kg = 59,80 €)
Grape seeds
4,99 €
(1 kg = 9,98 €)
Cherry stones 500g
4,99 €
(1 kg = 9,98 €)
Foam for chair cushions/rests
3,45 €
Styrofoam beads
4,99 €
(1 l = 1,00 €)
Pillow ticking
5,19 €
Foam for garden/kitchen bench support
11,75 €
Fragrant flower mixture
3,29 €
(1 kg = 65,80 €)
Spelt chaff 250g
3,99 €
(1 kg = 15,96 €)
Cherry pit ticking, round
5,69 €
Organic pine shavings
4,29 €
(1 l = 1,72 €)
Pillow inlet, round
12,99 €
Cherry pit ticking, square
5,69 €
Herbal mixture
4,39 €
(1 kg = 43,90 €)
Organic buckwheat husks
2,99 €
(1 kg = 19,93 €)
Organic millet husks
3,19 €
(1 kg = 26,58 €)
Soft flocks
from 4,99 €
(1 kg = 33,27 €)
Further variants available
Filler absorbent cotton against dust mites
from 5,59 €
(1 kg = 18,63 €)
Further variants available
Pillow inlet
10,29 €
VBS Fill wadding, beige
from 3,99 €
(1 kg = 13,30 €)
Further variants available
Granules for pillows
from 4,59 €
(1 kg = 9,18 €)
Further variants available
Rose petals, dried
2,99 €
(1 kg = 59,80 €)

Filling material for your sewing or craft project

You need filling material for your sewing project? For your heat animal or health pillow is still missing the right filling? We have compiled a great selection of different pillow fillings, washable and allergy-suitable stuffing wadding as well as the most important natural fillings such as cherry pits for you.

The perfect pillow filling

With the right pillow filling, your self-designed pillowcase will become the new highlight in your home. New fillings also make old cherished pillows look like new. You can discover from our assortment various already sewn pillow fillings, which are not only filled with feathers. Cherry stones, natural spelt or allergy friendly synthetic are optimal materials for your personal pillow filling. The inlets are available in various shapes and sizes to choose from.Can't discover your desired pillow filling? Need a special size and shape? Just sew it yourself and fill it according to your personal taste!

For every creative idea the perfect filling material

Any craft or sewing work is only perfectly completed when the right filling material has been used for stuffing or pillow filling. Customize the filling material to your specific needs! For creative handicrafts, as snow decoration or "Secret Santa" "only" some filling absorbent cotton is needed.
However, for already self-made dolls or cuddly toys, it is always advisable to use high-quality filling material. Some of our filling wadding is washable up to 60°C. The absorbent cotton, which is suitable for allergy sufferers, is equipped with an active long-term protection against dust mites.

Cherry pits and grape pits are ideal as filling for self-made heat cushions or animals. They are natural heat accumulators from nature, which give off a pleasant smell. Fillings that contain cherry pits are washable.Sew a soothing pillow filling with natural rose petals, lavender or scented flowers, for yourself or as a gift idea for friends and acquaintances who love natural filling material.

In nursing and neck pillows are classically used polystyrene beads, coarse-grained filling granules or natural cherry pits. And a pillow filling can also be made of our foam pillows for homemade chair and bench cushions. The applications for filling material are endless in the field of sewing, crafting and decorating.

We wish you a lot of fun with the implementation of your creative project!
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