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Design candles with napkins

Mould your own candles

Pouring candles made easy

You need 100 g of wax per cube

Melt the wax with a drop of your choice. Dip the wick into the melted wax and place it in the centre of the tealight jar. The wick is fixed in place by the wax.

Pour the wax into the glass and allow to dry.
Crafting and designing candles is a great way to embellish the really important events in life with something very special. Be it for a christening, birthday or even Christmas, a self-made candle adds a very loving and individual touch to the day. Making your own candles is not difficult and doesn't even take much time! Perfect for giving as a gift and great for making together with the children.
Silicone casting mould "Candle holder"
5,79 €
RRP 6,49 €
Floating candles
4,99 €
11,50 €
Adhesive wax plates
1,80 €
Silicone casting mould "Tealight mold square"
10,99 €
RRP 12,49 €
Decorating wax set, 20 plates, colorful
10,79 €
RRP 11,19 €
Silicone casting mould "Tealight mold round"
15,99 €
RRP 17,99 €
Wax color set "Multicolor"
4,79 €
RRP 4,99 €
Transfer paper "Happiness"
4,99 €
RRP 5,49 €
Wax colors set "Earth Colour"
4,79 €
RRP 4,99 €
Silicone candle casting mould "Heart"
22,59 €
RRP 22,99 €
KREUL Candle Pen "Classic"
10,99 €
RRP 11,49 €
Tree candles "Gold"
7,50 €
Silicone candle casting mould "Rainbow"
14,00 €
17,50 €
Silicone candle casting mould "Disc"
17,50 €
RRP 17,99 €
Silicone casting mould "Candle holder" incl. insert
12,49 €
RRP 12,99 €
Further variants available
Silicone candle mould "Bow" with wick and wick needle
from 10,99 €
RRP 19,99 €
Further variants available
Floating candles rustic "Large", 4 pieces
7,99 €
Further variants available
Silicone candle mould "Cylinder with grooves"
12,99 €
RRP 14,99 €
Creative set "Candles moulding"
12,99 €
RRP 14,99 €
Candle holder "Rings", for stick candles Ø 2.4 cm
from 6,99 €
Further variants available
Candle wick with foot
1,89 €
RRP 2,28 €
Further variants available
Wax coloring pastilles
2,89 €
Further variants available
Pillar candle, Ø 6 x 12 cm
11,50 €
Further variants available
Stick candle "Pure Natural Wax"
7,49 €
Further variants available
Pillar candle "Metallic", Ø 6 x 10 cm
13,99 €
Further variants available
Stick candle, Ø 2.2 x 25 cm
3,99 €
Further variants available
Tree candles "Basic"
3,99 €
Further variants available
Pillar candle "Pure Natural Wax", Ø 6 x 13 cm
12,99 €
Further variants available
Pillar candle "Pure Natural Wax", Ø 6 x 9 cm
9,50 €
Further variants available
Candle holder with skewer for stick candles, 4 pieces
4,19 €
Further variants available
Pillar candle "Rustik", Ø 6 x 8 cm
9,50 €
Further variants available
LED real wax candle "12.5 x 7.5 cm", with timer
7,99 €
Further variants available
Rapeseed wax lenses
from 6,99 €
(1 kg = 27,96 €)
Further variants available
Silicone candle casting mould "Ball"
22,50 €
RRP 22,99 €

Design candles - make your own individual candles

There are several occasions in the year where candles find a special application and positively influence the atmosphere. Be it Easter, Christmas or even the baptism. A self-designed candle makes this important event even more personal and brings a smile to the face of every guest.

To be able to design candles yourself, VBS offers you different types of candle wax and gel. Craft your individual candles from kerosene wax, stearin wax or organic wax and choose between our various candle molds and practical candle sets. Create great candles with candle sand and decorate classic pillar candles, noble designer candles, figurine candles and much more. Our assortment and accessories of wax plates, wax motifs, decorating wax, cookie cutters and writings made of wax offers you the opportunity to browse through our store. Especially our candle sets are suitable for easy crafting - Here you will find all the decorative materials you need to create and decorate candles!

Make candles yourself - How does it work?

1. casting candles is not difficult. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some things, so that the own candles will be a complete success. To create a quiet burning of the candle, the classic candle pouring a wax mixture of 80% kerosene wax and 20% stearin wax is used. An alternative to this are the granules and organic wax.

2. candles for different occasions, such as a baptismal candle or a communion candle, can be better represented by different candle shapes. To get the desired shape, you need to choose a mold and already prepare the wick for the actual "candle casting".

3. finally, heat the wax granules to the melting point of about 60 ° C and, if necessary, add the coloring granules and fragrance oil. This keeps the candle design really very individual.

*Optionally, you can now apply the various decorating wax plates and decorate the candle according to the theme with the help of the decorating motifs. The Candle Liner by Marabu offers one the opportunity to add various sayings and messages. For the application of motifs with the Candle Liner, are also prima countless stencils.

For an even more detailed tutorial on the basic technique of designing and pouring candles, see our ideas & tutorials.

Easy and effortless: Designing candles yourself with the kids

The principle of designing candles is very simple. Through the different wax motifs and the many possibilities of their own creativity to give free rein, each person can design its own individual candles. Especially the ease of candle making, makes it possible to make the candles together with the children themselves.

For example, together with the child, you can decorate a communion candle for the special day itself and encourage the imagination of their child. Not to mention, candle making is a lot of fun, especially in company, and doesn't really take up much time.

Candles to give as a gift

Self-designed candles are ideal as a gift for special occasions. Making candles yourself has the advantage that they are very personalizable and there are no limits to your creativity. You can symbolically represent your own congratulations and messages, thereby showing their appreciation to the recipient. Beautifully packaged and decorated, the fragrant candle is sure to evoke a lot of feelings of happiness. For example, you can craft a christening candle to please the offspring in the family. For designing a christening candle, for example, heavenly motifs from our decorating wax category are suitable.

VBS wishes you a lot of fun while browsing and designing!
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